Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to all my American relatives and friends!
We just enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner brought down and cooked by a group of American volunteers. The meal was provided for all the kids and staff here and i heard included about 40 turkeys. It was delicious and I even snagged a spare piece of pie for later. I warned everyone that the piece of pie in the fridge was waiting for me and my coffee. We'll see how long it goes untouched. :)
I just discovered that I am able to access blogger.com even though I have not been able to access anything blogspot. com from my home here at the orphanage. This post is actually an experiment of sorts. I can't actually bring up my blog or anyone else's from here but I can post a blog I think. I haven't made the pictures work yet though.
Let me know if you see it! I am still able to read comments through my email page so please fee free to comment occasionally. Yes that is a big old hint. :) I think I may have lost my readers.....that tends to happen when you can't make the blog rounds very often. I'm hoping I can catch up on some reading as well as writing on my next trip to the cafe.



Jobina said...

It worked! But the pictures are teensy tiny. If I click on them though I can see the big versions. BTW, that one lizard's tail looks pretty gross! Ew!

Christy said...

I'm here too! The photos are about 1/4 of an inch square, but everything else looks fine.

And I have you guys on RSS feed, so whenever you update, I get it. :)

Valen and Carol said...

I can see it. I check every day and see if you have posted, I enjoy the contact with your family. Keep writing!

Verna said...

You are here too, I love reading about your adventures.

Your going to Mexico to work at the orphanage amazes me...

Don't be discouraged. God isn't done with you yet. In due time he will show you what he expects from you.