Just another Sunday Afternoon.

We are finally feeling well enough to resume our Sunday afternoon trips to the ocean. Last Sunday we took Minerva and another little girl to Sanddollar Beach. It is about a 40 minute drive south but it is well worth the trip. The beach is a virtually empty expanse of breathtaking beauty. The water shockingly clear and the sand dunes and the multitude of seashells keep the kids busy for hours.
The weather has cooled a bit but its still a beautiful day at the ocean!

My girls. One is 8 years old and one is a very petite 13 year old. She is Triqui , origionally from the southern state of Oaxaca. There are many tribes with their origional native languages in the Mountains of Oaxaca. They often migrate north to Baja to find work in the fields of strawberries and vegitables here. Some of the people here are so tiny. She is absolutely gorgeous and such a sweetheart. I told more about her story in one of the last posts.

Minerva spending some time with her "Tio".

It was so good to see her playing like a child. She has had to grow up way too quick and her heart still carries the burden of her younger siblings who have not yet joined her at the childrens home. Seeing a big smile on that face usually haunted by big sad eyes was such a blessing.

A highlight of the afternoon was spotting a large whale and a whole school of dolphins swimming by.
Thats not a bad afternoon for a bunch of Canadian prairie kids! :)

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