Fiesta Mexicana!

This weekend was Revolution Day in Mexico. We had to wikepedia it becuase we had no idea really what we were celebrating.
It does mean lots of fun though. We watched a parade in town , complete with dancing kids dressed up in their little revolutionary costumes. It was so cute! I thought it would have been funny to paint a little mustache on Silas, dress him up and send him out. He wouldn't stand out would he? I didn't do it though I just chuckled to myself like a nerd thinking about it.

People were selling eggs everywhere. They cleaned out the shells and filled them will flour and confetti then covered the hole and decorated them. The kids and their friends had a blast as you can imagine. Just when we thought Silas' hair couldn't get any whiter we filled it with flour!

At the local park we found a ton of food stalls set up for the occasion and unlike fairs back home or in the states the food wias cheap! I ate like a pig of course. My new favorite sweet treat is Bunuelos (I think that is what its spelled like...could be wrong). Basically its a flour tortilla deep fried and dipped in what I think might be melted raw sugar cane (could be wrong on that one too) it forms a delicously sinful carmelized coating on a cruchy pastry like tortilla underneath. mmmm.

Other than a lot of Mexican fair food they even had some rides. They were kind of expensive...in comparison so they each only had one ride. Silas chose this one. Coming from Disneyland it was...well...very Mexican...but the kids loved it.

It was so much fun to be out among the people and the culture just having fun. We were just one of the crowd, other than the fact that we don't exactly pass very well as Mexican. We do our best. :)

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