Band Aids and Kleenex!

Our days left in Mexico are being checked off one by one. I think I passed through the sad phase about going home and am now nearing the point of "get it over with". I know how badly we are going to miss this place and the goodbyes are inevitable. However, now that I've started to think about home, picture our family in a house with rooms, and my parents are back home in Canada again, I feel a little anxious to get on the road. There is still a lot I want to do here though. We are doing a couple things with our kids (the ones we used to sponsor who just got a new house). I hope to get together more with some good friends, and to dole out lots of squeezes and cheek kisses to the kids before we leave. Oh boy , now just writing that I'm getting sad. We have such dear friends, mentors and people who are like family here. We have grown to love so many of the kids here. Some we will likely see again someday but I know the reality of life is some we may never embrace again this side of heaven. Thats the way life goes.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write a quick post was to ask for your prayer.

-For our health as we finish our time here. The kids, particularly Silas, is battling a Staph infection. All those scratches and scuffs he received from his many little mishaps last week (which were cleaned and treated at the time) have all turned into infected open sores. I am going through piles of bandages as I attempt to keep the many sores cleaned, covered, look for new ones (that keep popping up) and apply the Fuciden cream. It's adding a little bit of stress to the house right now and I really want to kick this thing. The Fuciden seems to be working , albeit slowly, if it doesn't drastically improve soon we will have to go the oral antibiotic route.

-Nathanael has re-injured a back injury. He is not immobile but is in a lot of discomfort as he goes through the day.

-We are also all battling colds right now. Hacking kids in one small room makes for some noisy nights.
- We desire to finish well despite feeling a little burnt out physically.

We are kind of sounding pathetic right now. We have been very healthy on a whole this winter. We have been SO much healthier than we were last time we came here for 6 months. I think our less than immaculately healthy diet and early mornings are starting to catch up to us though. I guess its a good thing we are going to drag our pathetic selves home soon.

Thanks for your prayers.

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