Presenting the star of the show Senorita Chabella.

Rescued as a tiny baby and brought to the childrens home.
Loved by all who know her.

We first met Chabby 4 1/2 years ago. She and Aili were neighbors when they were both little girls.
Because she requires a lot of love and extra special care she has her own caregiver at the childrens home. There have been several different people who have taken on the challenging role of being Chabella's mommy (and sometimes daddy). Each of them still love her dearly. Currently a young lady from Canada is her mama. She does a great job!
Chabela is interactive, speaks some words and knows a ton of sign language.
She is always ready for big hugs!
She can't help but put a smile peoples faces

I am going to miss this girl!
I just noticed her shirt
Jesus loves me.
Yes, he does. I know she puts a big smile on his face too.
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