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Yesterday we were informed/decided we should take a trip to Ensenada for visa purposes. We decided to make it into a fun little spontaneous outing. We took along two other staff women. One is from North Carolina and one is from Switzerland. We also took along our girl that we sponsor, Magai.

As usual the 2 1/2 hour trip took a little longer due to stopping for car sickness, bathroom breaks (I use the term "bathroom" very loosely), and to rinse out the coffee can. If you don't remember what my coffee can is for you can visit my post about our trip to Bahia de Los Angeles. Once again, I gave all my kids and myself Dramamine before we set out on the winding mountain highway (we only ever have problems with car sickness on the Baja highway). The only one I overlooked was Magai. We picked her up from her Casa and it didn't occur to me at the time to drug someone else's child. The poor girl is SO shy and quiet she didn't say a word about not feeling well, despite me asking on a few occasions, until it was too late. I was quick on the draw with the coffee can and baby wipes though. I was rather proud of myself and my puke catching prowess. Really I should be able to put that kind of thing on a resume someday. After two separate bouts of needing the coffee can we arrived at La Bufadora.

We did some strolling and souvenir shopping in the tiny little tourist trap town. It has an amazing view and is set right on some rugged cliffs next to the ocean. Since we will be leaving Mexico soon I allowed the kids to each get something we can take back to Canada with us. La Bufadora is also known for its "blow hole". The picture of my three kids watching the water spray out is so classic.
Can you tell which one is cautious?
Which one is exceedingly sensible?
Which one is overly curious and fearless?
I think Roman would have bounced right over the edge if I hadn't been there to dampen his enthusiasm.

As you can see Aili got her hair braided. I am thrilled that we can go for at least a week without our daily mother/ daughter hair battle. She was very brave the whole time. She is the girl who has always hated having her hair combed, washed or touched at all. Aili also got a pretty little Mexican style sun dress as a souvenir and to wear to the upcoming orphanage annual Tea Party. More on that later. She is very pleased with her new dress and stated "It isn't even scratchy". It passed the Aili sensitivity test.

To add to our somewhat exciting and mis-adventurous trip, Silas was literally backed into by a truck. We were all standing around looking at the displays outside one of the stalls. The little shops are all lined up along both sides of a narrow street which is mostly used for shoppers. Not very many cars pass by. I was standing holding Silas' hand looking at some overpriced trinkets when I heard "Look out!" and saw a flash of green in my peripheral vision. In that second I reacted by lifting Silas up off the ground by his arm just as a truck backed right into him. Because I was holding his hand he merely bounced off the tail lights toward me. If he had been standing next to me not holding my hand (he rarely ever wants to hold my hand) he would have been backed right over. Yikes! Daddy flipped out a little. I had an attack of coronary palpitations. The Americano in the truck apologized. Apparently he was trying to turn the truck around on the hill in a narrow street. I felt kind of bad for him actually.

Once we had our fill of aggressive vendors we drove half an hour north to Ensenada. We haven't been north at all since we drove down the Baja in October. We went to a specific area with a shopping center that looks like San Diego or any other American city. I stepped out of the car in aww of all the curbs and pavement. All the "normal" looking buildings and "normal" stores and restaurants. It was like stepping back into a different world. Walmart, Starbucks, HomeDepot, Costco, Subway, Scotiabank, Applebees....so many familiar things. As I woke Silas up and pulled him out of his car seat he looked around blinking "mommy! Where aw we?" We took the kids to MacDonalds and they each got a "Cajita Feliz" (Happy meal...actually Happy box). It was the first time Magai had been to McDonalds.

Walking into the Super Walmart was another experience for us altogether. It was a little overly exciting for some of us but I managed to restock some basic items without too much humiliation. It's good to know how much is available only a few hours from where we live. Good to know for the next time we come to Mexico anyway.

Oh and I almost forgot to say that we bought coffee...fancy coffee from a coffee place! It even came in the nifty cups with the plastic sippy lid. mmmm.

Only those people who have ever paid $2 for a shot glass sized cup of lukewarm water of questionable origin and a dish of instant coffee mix will appreciate our enthusiasm of a piping hot cappuccino.

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