Last Day of Preschool

Silas went to his last day of Betty's preschool. Yes, she is the same woman who also cares for special needs babies 24 hours a day.
She still finds the energy to teach a group of preschoolers 4 hours per week.
Silas has very much enjoyed his first preschool experience. He is such a classroom type of kid. So very different from his big brother at that age! He loves to sit and colour, do crafts, sing action songs and learn all the things kids learn in preschool. Having a little boy who does whatever the rest of the class is doing is a bit of a novelty for me.

It was such a good experience for him to have his own "school" and for me to have a few hours a week that I can do other ministry or work. The last two days I was able to work in the 'Day home for children with disabilities'. When preschool finished at 12 , Aili babysat him nearby until lunch break (1pm). Today, I was also able to spend the afternoon with the kids at the Day home.

The Preschool is in English so he didn't learn a whole lot of spanish there , other than how to say "MIO!" (MINE!) and other preschool survival banter.
The pre-school age kids from the orphanage come as well as some other staff children.
He came home this morning with a big piece of orange paper covered in snap shots of his time at preschool and a group picture. He proudly showed off his craft of the day, a kite, as well as a balloon with the words "Adios Silas!" on it. He also had an adorable stuffed monkey wrapped around his neck. Thankyou for loving on Silas Cristin and Betty! You made him feel pretty special today...and he loves the monkey.

Sweet kids from the Cuna (Nursery).

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