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This past Friday was our annual "Fiesta de Te" (Tea Party) for the girls at the orphanage.
I made arrangements to not only bring my daughter but two girls from Santa Fe as well. Two girls who call me "Tia".

I brought them back to our place to shower and get ready for the event.
It was a first time experience for Carmela showering in a real shower with warm running water.
It was also a first time experience for me combing, blow drying and making beautiful lice infested hair.

Our salon treatment began with a "special" shampoo. I told them that their "little friends" weren't invited to the party and that we needed to chase them away. They thought that was pretty funny.

Ahead of time I packed them each a little bag to take with them down to the staff showers/bathrooms that included a towel and a little toiletry pack filled with hygeine essentials...and a few beautifying luxeries as well.

Back at the trailer we snacked on apples and cookies (we missed lunch) while we blow-dried, combed and quickly got ready. The girls got a kick out of the "hot wind mashine".

I managed to find two dresses for the girls and pairs of shoes for the girls to wear. Aili wore the dress we bought a few weeks ago in Ensenada. She looks like snow princess next to the other girls. I guess thats the reason she usually wears brighter colors.

Three princesses ready for the ball.

When we went to pick up the two girls Alvaro, I guess there had been a bit of a misunderstanding because Alvaro was ready and eager to come too. I explained that it was a "girl only" party but after seeing how crushed he looked Tio decided he should come spend the day with the boys. Tio Nathanael was on kid duty that afternoon anyway. Alvaro enjoyed visiting with his amigos at the orphanage (where he spent several months last year) , saying hola to his old house parents, and gorging himself at the cafeteria. It was nice for the guys to spend that time together before we left.
Check out the jeans on Alvaro. They are Romans hand-me-downs. Alvaro is 11...Roman is 6. The jeans are a boys size 6. Thats a very tiny 11 year old! I'm glad they fit him so well though.
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