More from our day in Ensenada

In case you wonder whats in the bags. I'm porking out on homemade (obviously not by me) potato chips drenched in "chili" and lime. The other bag is a little ceramic wall plaque that says
"El domingo
la reyna no cocina"

Had to have it. It totally backs up my sentiment about not having to cook on Sundays.

Little road trips are great for getting to know new staff. They didn't even get puked on!

Silas scored a little guitar from his trip to La Bufadora. We bought Roman the same guitar (although wood colored) when he was 2 years old on our last big trip to Mexico. I guess its a tradition now.
The fact that Silas has his own guitar will come in handy when Roman gets a real big kid guitar on his next birthday. Both my budding musicians will be able to serenade me to their hearts content.

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