Little Girls

Girls at the tea party doing what comes naturally while wearing a poofy dresses.

My sweet Minerva. I am so glad that we were able to make this special memory before our winter together came to an end.
Each of the girls walked through the arches , was presented by their full name and then escorted down the steps by our administrator Mario. Every princess needs to be treated like a lady by a handsome prince. It was such a great way to honor the girls and make them feel special.
Beautiful Magai and Nieves.
Brenda and Dahlia looking fabulous.
Some more glamorous girls from the Children's Home.

Girls waiting for their grand entrance.

Two little princesses from the Daycare. The children who attend the day care come from some of the poorest homes and communities. I was so glad to see that all the girls from the "guardaria" were able to attend. They showed up in their little Disney princess dresses looking so cute.
Anyone have used princess or flower girl dresses that you don't know what to do with?
How about making a little girl feel beautiful.
Back home we are so surrounded by princess stuff...it gets sickening actually. Little girls have no shortage of dresses, gowns and tiaras. Little girls back home have rooms full of toys, play jewelry, and dolls.
These little girls live in shacks made of scrap material, cardboard and plastic, no running water, and usually no electricity. They wear clothes we wouldn't use as rags, and go barefoot in cold weather. Whole families share one small mattress laid on the damp dirt floor.

Every little girl, no matter where she comes from wants to feel pretty, to feel special and to feel that they are valued. If they are not made to feel those things in healthy ways , especially by the men in their life, they will eventually find unhealthy ways to fill those voids. They will only live up to what they feel they are worth in life.

Carmela and Minerva ready to dig in!

Carmela enjoying her first tea party, possibly her first party of any kind.
The "old theatre" was beautifully decorated and each girl received a little party favor at the end of the party.

Aili and Judy. Two "staff kids" at the mission/orphanage.

Gorgeous little girls. One is the daughter of staff and one is the daughter of a student at the Bible Institute.
A former staff member sent down a box full of tiaras, fans and other pretty little accesories for all the girls.

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