Day in San Diego

After one day spent in San Diego and 3 more grueling days of driving we made it to Canada yesterday. We aren't home quite yet but are enjoying some time visiting family. We will drive the last 5 hours of our 40 hr journey on Monday.
The trip home went well over all. The kids are so accustomed to travelling they weren't a problem. They get in their travel zone and are pretty good at entertaining themselves. Of course, having a dvd player is a must for that many hours in a car. We have our system of bathroom breaks, garbage collecting and gas stops down to a science (with one exception that included Roman in the back seat with a water bottle )
We stopped once a day, for about half an hour, while the kids run around and I stuff pita pockets with salad and turkey to eat on the road. Other than our daily pita salad we mostly just snacked on grapes, carrots, crackers and cheese sticks. We really tried to keep junk food and fast food stops out of the travel itinerary. 3 kids in a confined space spazzed out on sugar and food coloring isn't something I want to experience. I totally let my standards slide all winter but I'm looking forward to getting my kids back to eating healthier.
Each of the days we drove until about 10pm and then found a Walmart parking lot to spend the night. The kids were usually asleep by then, and already in their pajamas, so all we had to to was carry them back to their beds. We usually turned on the propane stove for a while before we brought the kids in to get the trailer to get it warmed up a little. Our accommodations made camping seem pleasant. We hit sub zero weather in Utah and struggled to keep our trailer above freezing each night because we weren't plugged in. Because of the sub freezing temperatures we also had to "winterize" our trailer which meant no water....which translates into no showers or water of any kind. It was a little wearisome but we made it to Calgary and are enjoying our little break (and the real beds and showers) before we get back to real life.

The pictures are of our day spent playing in San Diego. We spent the day down on Mission Beach at an old school amusement park and arcade. It was so nice just to play as a family, enjoy each other and re-group after months of focusing on so many other people and children.

Check out their faces. Aili was freaking out on this little up and down ride. They actually had to stop the ride early to let her off. Roman who is a total adrenaline junkie was loving it. Seriously I don't know if there is a ride , that he is tall enough to go on, that could ever scare him.

Our monkey boy making good use of his skills.

Ready for a dance off!
More play time.

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