8 years!!!!

8 years ago I was given the deepest desire of my heart.
I had longed to experience the joy of motherhood.
I had already experienced the expectancy, pain and endless love of motherhood but I was childless and waiting.
We grieved, we prayed and we waited.

8 years ago my life began, like a sunrise after a long night.
I was blessed with a precious and slightly precocious little girl.
Full of spunk and spirit.
Brimming over with life and love.

Life has never been the same!

Sleepless nights, pink dresses, diaper bags and fuzzy sleepers.

(23 months)
Singing and twirling, princesses and pigtails.
Tantrums and tears,
dancing and laughter.

(4 years)
Endless chatter, characters and stories.
Playing house and pushing swings.

(6th birthday)

Collecting treasures, writing and performing.
Tu-tu's and tiaras
Books, Barbies, music and friends.

8 Years of Aili!

She is growing up SO fast, right before my eyes.
In only a few short years we will be plunged into
braces and book reports, changes and choices.
broken hearts and big dreams.

She is already giving us glimpses of the woman she may someday become.
Bright, thoughtful, generous, assertive and creative.
She will lead, teach and take care of others.
The past eight years are full of happy memories and
whatever the future holds for her....
I have no doubt that she will leave her mark on the world!

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Rebecca M said...

Happy Birthday Aili!! We hope we can see you all next time you come through our neighborhood!

Jobina said...

Wow, 8 years old! It's amazing how quickly they grow up!