Country Kids the Sequel

The boys, their Dad and their Grandpa were burning up some old wooden grain bins that had piled up. What a show that was for the boys (Aili was having some one on one girl time with Grandma that day.) They both asked if we were going to have marshmallows. :)

Nathanael's former firefighting skills still come in handy every now and then :) The fire was getting too hot too fast so they kept it burning a little more slowly with some water.
They would never burn without the farms water truck near by.

Roman having fun on one of the "new-school" grain bins. Out with the old...in with the new.
Who needs monkey bars when you have stuff like this to monkey on?

I've been reading the book "Wild Things. The art of nurturing boys" and it is SO good. I love how it really helps me (as someone who has never been a little boy) understand how they are wired and what makes them tick. It sure helps me as a parent understand what they need from me and truly appreciate how God made them.
One of my favorite quotes in the book so far is:
"boys bear a unique image of our wild, playful and imaginative Creator"
I love that!
I think boys in their element doing what God wired them to do makes God's heart happy.

I think this one has an extra charge of voltage running through that wiring! :)

Future farmer? This boy has always been crazy over trucks and tractors. Roman is more likely to run off into the field in search of an adventure or find something to climb. Silas will run straight for something he can "drive".
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Linda said...

Carla, I love that you are fully appreciating the "men" in your life.

I never had boys, but I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my grandsons. They do "hear the beat of a different drummer",...so to speak.

As girls/women we sometimes just don't understand them huh? That sounds like a good book. I might have to recommend it to my daughters. I am glad that God created us different and gave us each our own uniqueness!

Have a blessed Saturday with your family.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Rebecca M said...

I agree that this book sounds like a good one for me to pick up, too.

I love these pictures of your kids having fun outdoors! We look forward to a day when we have a bigger space to play and explore outside! How fun to live on a farm!!