A Positively Peculiar Post.

I had begun making Pizza for supper last night when our party girl Aili had an idea. "Let's have a "p" party since Pizza starts with "P"! Our perky party planner was persuasive and persistent. She then proceeded to demonstrate her party planning prowess. "Are there peppers on the pizza? do we have pepperoni? Do we have any peas? What about pop?"
Peppers definitely, pop no, pepperoni...well I have turkey sausage , close enough.
Our supper, provided by the lovely kitchen personnel, was both punctual and palatable.

Much to our pleasure we were seated on pillows, dressed as princesses and princes, used place mats, wore our pajamas , drank punch and ate pizza. The party was positively perfect.

I can assure you there were no "p" jokes happening at this table. That would be preposterous.

What "p" party programme would be complete without after dinner entertainment?

What a performance.
Applause please.

p.s I presume you found your peek into our peculiar and playful family particularly pleasant.

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Amber said...

That's fun! I imagine Emmy will be like that when sh gets older.

Jobina said...

That girl is going to be a party planner for sure! Either that or hers is the house everyone will want to get invited over to for dinner! What a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Positively Precious!!