Summer Randomness

I love this picture of Aili.

I'm guilty of sneaking a picture of "Cub" in again. (in my defense the cutest part of him is covered by Silas' hands.)
You have no idea how hard it is to not plaster pictures of this baby all over my blog or facebook. I've taken SO many pictures. The beauty of babies and digital cameras. I want to show him off and send out birth announcements like any other mama...but he's not legally mine so I must refrain.
Silas insisted on helping me bath the baby. Of course he had to do it buck naked too.
Silas is a baby junkie.
Silas notices babies anywhere and won't leave them alone once he finds them. He always wants to snuggle, hug and kiss them. Needless to say he is totally in love with this little one. He's such a sweet "big brother" to him.
It will be the hardest for Silas to understand....even though I try to prepare him for the separation and remind him once in a while that "Cub" will be going to another home someday.

Silas enjoying his snack at VBS (Crocodile Dock). The other kids had all left to do crafts but I found Silas still sitting making out with his icing cracker. It's not everyday he gets blue icing on a graham cracker....he savoured the moment ! I was the crew leader for the preschool bunch so Silas was able to tag along even though he was about 6 months too young.

Roman and his Daddy building a Bionicle space ship thingy he got for his birthday. It took these engineers a couple hours but they assembled it. Its pretty cool. It even shoots little balls at his little brother.
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Barb said...

The picture of Silas giving the baby a bath is so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving a comment. It's been fun Getting to Know You.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Ahhh...that's just precious. What a great way to teach a child about love and sacrifice. Your children are beautiful - and so is "baby brother" (even if I can't see his face - hee hee).