Kid Talk

I admit, I am really bad at recording all those wacky , adorable things kids say. I have posted them on occasion here but I'm usually stuck with..."I know she said something funny but I can't remember what it was".
So in an effort to record ,for posterity sake, some of the cute things my kids say:

Here are a few recent Romanism's

"Mom, if I was out playing at the tree house and a war broke out ,I think the best thing to do would be hide...but it would be really dumb to hide in the canons. "

" Mom, if you ever find food at an antique store, don't eat it".

I'm so glad someone in our family thinks of these things. I for one would be completely without a strategy if a canon battle broke out in Hickville. If I ever come across an eighty year old twinkie (probably the only thing that would last eighty years) at an antique store I will definately follow his advice.

Last night we were driving home from the lake. It was our church's annual day at the beach. We were looking out our car windows and commenting on the beautiful prairie sunset. A couple minutes later Roman very softly and seriously said

Roman: "Hey mom? Could you open my window for a second please?"

Mom:" why do you need your window open honey?"

Roman:" I want to put my face out the window so I know what the sunset feels and smells like."

Mom:(opening window and smiling)

Roman: "
aaahhh...thanks mom"

You know, in all my days I have never wondered what a sunset felt or smelled like.
That's something I love about this boy...he always looks at things just a little differently and notices things we overlook.

He experiences the world intensly through both his imagination and through his senses. Two usually contradictory ways of experiencing the world .
He hasn't fully appreciated something until he's caressed it, smelt it, and maybe even tasted it.
Take for example new paint on our wall or our new basement bathroom ceiling tiles.
"Hey Dad? Can you lift me up to feel the ceiling?....oooh they are really nice."
"Hey Dad? can I feel the new paint on the wall?...wow that's a really nice color"

Physical touch has DEFINITELY always been his love language too. He's an expert at giving it out but I have to make sure he gets enough coming his way too.
He gets off balance so easily. Sometimes it just takes upping the amount of snuggles, head caresses or back rubs to get him back to his pleasant enjoyable self.
He's a complex little boy full of extremes and full of paradox. Life is never dull with my little Romeo around.

Last night when we got home from the lake late and dirty. The main floor bathroom door had blown open which is usually firmly shut to keep in the construction mess( it was torn apart this spring but has yet to be reconstructed). I muttered to myself while hauling my brood to the basement for a shower that 'it will be nice to have a main bathroom again". Silas exclaimed ,with a shake of his head and his hands in the air.
"Daddy broke it!....it not my fault!."
Can you tell he has older siblings? :)

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Valen and Carol said...

I read this post to Amy,she laughed and said, "I loved growing up with the Burlandos!" She thought Roman would fit right in. =)

Mark said...

I love having a physical boy who actually likes being rough-housed or tousled, and squished or whatever. Yours sounds like a fun one too...I've never smelled a sunset before either. I may have to try that sometime!