13 years!

Thirteen years of living life together.
We began as two young people, taking our first step into the world of adults, full of hopes and dreams. Thirteen years later we have laughed and cried, shared sunshine and storms. We've celebrated carefree days and helped each other through long troubled nights. Your support and love has made my blessings more meaningful and my heartaches easier to bear.
We have been through so much together.

Two kids began a journey together, no money, no education, and no idea what what it meant to be married. That long haired mountain boy and that wide eyed farm girl had everything going against them. According to statistics they should have gone their separate ways years ago.
Thirteen years later we are still hand in hand waiting to see what God brings around the next corner.

It hasn't all been easy. We've had our share of hard times and disappointment along the way.
There were days and years when it seemed it would be easier to cut our losses and walk away from the life we had begun.
With God's help, and because of our enduring commitment to each other ,we have made something beautiful.
Two imperfect people in love with a perfect God.
Two imperfect people learning a little more every day how to love each other as God intented.

In 13 years we have lived in 3 different countries, 5 houses (not including camping trailers) and have had many different jobs. We have made 5 children, 3 of which we have the privilege of loving here on earth. We have opened our hearts to 5 other children for various lengths of time as well. Life has never been dull but there is no one I'd rather share this adventure with!

One of the greatest gifts of our relationship is the comfort of always knowing I can be myself with you.
I can be silly, serious, spazzy, spontaneous or sad and I know when I need a friend ... I never have to be alone.
You accept me for who I am but encourage me to be the woman God intended for me to be.
You have taught me what loving unconditionally means.
True love is a choice..we have chosen to love even when love gets hard.
The beauty of our love ,that was founded on commitment and established by effort, is that it has been freed to grow into something pure and passionate.
We left behind all false expectations and selfish ambitions long ago.
Our marriage has been refined in fire and has come out pure and lasting.

You are my best friend and my one and only.

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Jobina said...

Congratulations you two! I hope you are blessed with MANY more!

Anonymous said...

Should be required reading for anyone with unrealistic expectations about marriage. Thanks again Carla, your maturity amazes me!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Love the hair! Cool! :)

Grandpa Steve said...

not much more matters than a strong marriage with God at the center!

Shauna Archer said...

we have a lot more in common than i originally thought - we celebrated 23 years of marriage on aug 16!! blessings to you for the exciting journey ahead :)