Baja picnic

For the first time in my blogging history I am participating in "Wednesday's Walk down Memory Lane"

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Since I have a whole list of things that need to be picked, processed, cleaned, baked and folded today this will be a brisk walk.
Join me for my speed walk down memory lane :)

Winter 2005, we spent 6 months in Baja Mexico. We lived along with our two kids (ages 4 and 2) in a camping trailer at an orphanage for 6 months. I have been thinking more about our time there lately because in 2 short months we will be packing up again and moving our crew down there for another 6 month stay.
As preparations and packing lists have begun I'm sure I'll be posting more about our plans in the near future.

This is a fond memory of an amazing day with friends.
We formed a friendship with one of the "Casa's" (houses) at the orphanage. The young house parents had a one year old son of their own and a baby on the way. They were also parenting about 10 of the children living at the orphanage. The children there are divided into family groups or "casa's" to make for a slightly more normal childhood.

One afternoon we were invited to join them on a family trip to the nearby beach. It was a beautiful day, slightly chilly but warm enough for the kids to try out the water.

The first picture is of Nathanael, the house dad and two of the boys going to catch our lunch.

Here is Aili having her first ocean experience. Not bad for a little girl from the Prairies.

Our fishermen were successful and each of us got our own little fish. I can say I've never eaten a fish cooked and served exactly in this manner but it was surprisingly delicious.
Of course no beach picnic is complete without limes, radishes, salad and hot salsa.

It was a fun day watching children enjoying being children,
forging new friendships,
and trying new food!

We still keep in touch with this couple and their two children. They have since moved on and he is currently pastoring a small church of indigenous Oaxacans. We look forward to future beach trips and picnics with them this winter.

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Linda said...

Carla I am so glad that you joined in on Wednesday's Walk today.

I think it is wonderful that you minister with your hubby in Baja Mexico. I know it will be an experience that is filled with God's blessings, just like the last time. I pray that all will go well.

Can you blog from there? If so you will have to keep us informed on all that is going on.

I will become a follower today so that I can keep tabs on your ministry if you are able to post about it.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

April said...

Great photos! I wanted to say too - that starfish photo is incredible! Love it