Roman saying goodbye to Alvaro. Last monday we were notified that Alvaro and Minerva "our kids" were going home to their mom. The government agency made the decision. We were all saddened , shocked and some even angered by the decision to return them. We weren't sure we would be able to find them again so made sure to send with them their christmas presents, some photos and some other tokens of our time together. Of course we had lots of words of encouragement for them and lots of hugs. Roman ran and got his soccer ball from our trailer and gave it to Alvaro. It was so sweet.

One of Silas best buds is Diego. He was an amigo of ours when we were here last time too. He is so nice to Silas and always looks out for him.

Silas' two best "eedo's" Diego and Franco. We've known both of these boys since they were just little.

Aili loves the little ones. She would spend all her time in the "Cuna" if she could playing with the toddlers and babies there.
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