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This is just a glimpse into our rather strange family life. We are living a somewhat non typical life but in so many ways we are dealing with everything a family that lives in a normal house in a typical neighborhood does. Discipline issues, schoolwork, chores, reminding kids where to put their dirty clothes and shoes.

For the most part we are all adjusting quite well to our surroundings, routine and lifestyle. Some things that are a challenge are, as you can imagine, 5 people living like sardines. No one has gone homicidal yet ,but at times when we are all inside (not sleeping ) we tend to literally step on each others toes. We trip over toys, we have towels hanging everywhere, and school books are constantly being moved from one place to another depending on where we are hoping to sit. It is organized chaos. Everything has to be put back exactly in its place and nothing can get left out...there is just no room. The problem is "in its place" is in everycorner of the trailer. The kids really haven't complained though and long as mom gets her bi-monthly trip to the internet cafe to blog...by herself...its all good. I may keep my sanity.

Our bed doubles as the tv room. As you can imagine our bed does not exactly stay prestinely made. Its a good corner to shove the kids in while I wash dishes or get some food made. Looks like we are in the process of getting kids bathed and in bed , in the above picture. It gets dark (and cold)here at about 5pm. So after supper we call it a day...move inside get showered and put to bed. The kids are usually in bed before 7 often closer to 6pm. They play hard outside all day and are usually exhausted by then.

Last weekend my wonderful hubby finally built me a little raised garden and hauled me a couple wheel barrels full of dirt. The dirt around our trailer is not exactly good for growing anything. I had moderate success with my last garden but only on the spot where I had dumped a wheel barrel of fresh dirt. You can see my other tiny garden surrounded by the rocks. I have some bean plants, radishes , swiss chard and green onions that managed to grow. So far no luck with tomatoes and peppers, which is odd. I might have brought bad seeds or something. I replanted what was left in my new raised bed along with some lettuce. Fingers crossed for a handy source of nutrition in a couple months.

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