Present time!!

This year there was no piling the gifts under the Christmas tree ahead of time. In fact, there was no tree to pile them under. We stashed them in the car and pulled them out after the kids were asleep. I guess it's not completely true that we didn't have a Christmas tree. Can anyone see it? Its there among the pile of gifts.
We brought some things from home to give to the kids. I made a stop at the Parables book store before we left home and bought some books for the kids and a cd and book for Nathanael.
We also added a few little toys from the market here..
We were surprised at the gifts that they also got from Grandparents as well.
They had a very happy Christmas morning.

My best thought out gift....if I do say so myself.

I found this spiderman costume at "globos"( the outdoor market) in the middle a large pile of clothing.
It fits my spiderman obsessed little boy perfectly. He wore it ALL day. I had to pry it off today to wash it. I have a feeling it may be his new standard uniform for a while. Such a typical 3 year old thing. Little girls in princess dresses and little boys dressed as cowboys or spiderman.

Silas very much enjoyed the present opening time. He was so happy with every little thing he got...to the point of being obsessive. He has to have his new things in his sight or grasp at all times....even while sleeping. Its nice he appreciates them anyway :)
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