Happy New Year!

I might be the only person on the planet who didn't realize that today was New Years Eve, until about noon today. I kind of lost track of time...and my calender I guess.

So, as you might expect by my unawareness, we have no big plans to bring in the NewYear. We might go hit a Taco stand for supper and play some games with friends ,until we decide to go to bed. I doubt we'll make it past 10. I realize how old and pathetic that sounds but we have kids that wake up early....NewYears day or not. The kids will be in bed at 7. We'll let them cheer and welcome in the new year early. I'm not about to begin 2010 with crabby hyperactive kids.

Come to think of it, we had a very uneventful NewYears Eve 10 years ago too. Which is odd given the whole Millenium thing. Its hard to believe how fast the last 10 years have gone by! 10 years ago I was enjoying my first pregancy ready to enter a new phase of life and a new Millenium. I was completely unaware that the first weeks of 2000 would bring us grief and heartache. That day doesn't seem very long ago but a lot has happened between then and now.
In the last decade:
I lived in 3 countries,
carried 5 babies,
said goodbye to 2 of them,
learned how to be a mother to my 3,
learned how to be a foster mother to 5 different children,
said goodbye to all of 5 them,
All that in 10 years! Wow. I wonder what the next 10 years will hold? I wonder what the next
one year will hold?

If I were to sum up this past year, 2009. I would say turmoil and miracles. A nasty church split and an even nastier family split have left me wondering how much more I can take. The stress, frustration, and sadness have at times been overwhelming. But as always, in even in times of stress there are always blessings and miracles. For those I am so thankful and filled with renewed hope and joy.

This fall God brought us to Mexico to return to the place and the children we fell in love with 4 years ago. We are SO very very blessed and thankful to be here. We can see God's hand in every little bit of it.

None of us has any idea what next year will bring. It may bring heartache and grief, it may bring stress and conflict , it may bring new opportunities, miracles and new blessings. It most likely will be a combination of everything. Personally, I'm hoping for more of the last catagory than the first. Whatever lies around the corner I know without a doubt that my God has already gone before me. He knows exactly what awaits us and I believe that each year he prepares us to face what lies ahead. Judging by all the tough learning I've done this year...maybe its something big.

So, to all my friends, family , blogland friends......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! PROSPERO ANO!!


Jobina said...

It is just amazing what can happen in 10 years! My Dad and I were reminiscing about the last 20 (since they moved us to Medicine Hat 20 years ago). We were shocked by the changes that all occurred in those years. I can't even imagine life 10 years from now, never mind 20.
I wish you all the best, and God's richest blessings on you and your family's lives. May He hold you ever closer.

Laura said...

You're so right. He knows exactly what awaits us around the corner. Nothing takes Him by surprise, and we can rest in that.

Your family and blog are such an inspiration. Hope you have time to check out mine. You'd be an inspiration to my readers!