Childrens Christmas Fiesta!

Last week a group of youth came down from Tijuana to volunteer at the orphanage. The man who lead the group, with his wife, actually grew up at this orphanage 30 years ago. They worked hard, served the kids and staff a big turkey dinner in the cafeteria and then to top it off they threw a party.
It was so fun for all the kids and us big people who snuck in to watch.
They had the music blasting , had tons of fun games for the kids to play and even supplies prizes and gifts.
Of course the fiesta ended with a very intense pinata.

Note to self: Do not let a two year old run under a pinata while it breaks open.
Once that pinata busts its every kid for himself and chicito ninos like Silas are very likely to get severely trampled in the carnage.

Kids enjoying balloons.

It was such a great way to spend a morning! The kids were off of school that day so the party gave the house parents a little big of a break and well as being a blast for the children. What a thoughtful gift. Thankyou Tijuana youth group!
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