Anonymous comments

Since first set up my blog page I have internally debated whether to allow anonymous comments or not. I decided to keep that option open because there are people that keep up with my family that may not have a google account or be able to post comments in another way. If this is the case, don't forget to leave your name so I know its you though. :)

The one problem with anonymous commenters all over blog world is the fact that they are generally negative. There is something about anonymity that gives people the liscense to be rude. I have no problem with differing opinions and points of view but have the balls to put your name behind your thoughts. If a person is genuinely honest and unashamed about what they have to say then leaving a blog link, picture and name would be the honorable thing to do. Really, it would be nice to trace the wisdom to its source someday to find further enlightenment. I stand behind the things I say and believe, I find it amusing that cynics never do the same. Just an observation from blog world.

I really haven't had too many rude comments in the past year but I know from reading other anonymous comments on other blogs that some can be very hurtful. The ones I've had have been more laughable than hurtful ,and I realize its all part of making myself vulnerable and my life transparent. Some people just won't like it. Good thing I've got thick skin.


Shay said...

I had a problem with a fruit loop for a while who kept leaving rude and stupid comments, but did actually leave his name & link. Because of him I have mine set to moderate & approve all comments before they post. I hated to do it, but I didn't need his drama either, and it wasn't long before he stopped bothering, once he realized I wasn't allowing his comments to go through, and wasn't responding to him in anyway.
I agree with you, if you have an opinion that you believe in, then don't be afraid to state it with your name behind it.

The Old Geezer said...

interesting blog
great photos
God Bless You and Your Family