A couple weeks ago we had a good downpour of rain. It has been very very dry here. I don't think they have had any rain since last winter. Grass was non existant here, the ground and the foothills are hues of brown, grey and red. Everything else is covered in layers of that same dirt. Even the cactus looked like they were about to give up. There are fields of produce here but they must be drip irrigated by underground aquafers. It is amazing how quickly the green pops up everywhere once there is a good rain though. Its like candy for my eyes. The hills are going to be gorgeous in another week or so.
The rain has come to Baja. It dumped most of the day one day and drizzled for a few others. Of course, I picked that morning to hang three loads of laundry. I saw the looming clouds but have grown accustomed to thinking nothing of passing grey clouds. I'm from the dry Canadian prairie after all. I admit I have hung clothes out to dry on a cloudy day, during a drought, in an attempt to tempt fate and bring rain. I fully realize how ridiculous that sounds. This time I have no option of a drier though and have absolutely no option of indoor hanging. The clothes got a good natural extra rinse and we managed to ration what we had left until the sun came out. The above picture is when the sun came out and the rationing clean clothes ended. I finally gave in and let Silas splash in the gigantic mud puddle in front of our trailer to his hearts content.
I was going a little bonkers with all the mud, soggy clothes, rain and being cooped up in a trailer with three squirrly kids. We did end up hanging out in Casa 4 for a few hours one afternoon.

This bird was in our yard right outside our trailer. He looked like he could carry off a small child! :)
I think he was enjoying a gopher.

We have no room for a tree this year but we had fun helping the kids in Casa 4 decorate theirs. Christmas trees are here a bit of a luxery here. It smelled so good. I was so glad that Silas was able to be a part of that.

Its so nice to have a little bit of home here in Mexico...even if its just a Christmas tree.

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