out with our kids.

Ever tried these? A Mexican favorite not complete without chamoy sauce to stain your fingers red.

I recently tried to post some pictures through a backdoor route to my blog since I can't actually access blogs from my home at the mission. I did discover a way edit and post writing but the pictures didn't work so well...so far.
A couple of these pictures were posted last week but I'll post them again in a much more enjoyable size.
A couple weekends ago...I think. See this is the problem with blogging every 2 weeks. My memory is not that great.
Anyway, we took our kids out to a nearby town for a tour around the market and then out for lunch.

This is a little playground beside the restaurant "Baja fiesta". A real restaurant this time. We often go out to eat at out door taco stands but it is a nice change to actually sit down somewhere.

I think it may have been the first time Minerva and Alvaro have eaten at a restaurant. They thoroughly enjoyed their very large order of enchiladas. Alvaro had enought to take a doggy bag home with him, he also took his prestinely clean paper place mat. Nothing goes to waste here. Its fun to spoil them and it sure doesn't take much to do it.

Some kind of lizard and a horny toad. They didn't keep them too long and no I did not hold either of them. After a few days I made them release them. I convinced them that they would likely die in their bucket and they might miss their families. That wasn't a complete lie...only half of it.

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