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Here is Silas after his first trip to a Mexican hair salon. Looking more like a big boy. It took a little getting used to once they chopped off the locks. Still couldn't bring myself to have them take the buzzer to it though. I'm afraid he would look like one of those shaggy little dogs that get shaved and they just look strange. You realize they had that hair for a reason to balance out the size of their eyes and make up for their skinny little heads. I guess I should stop comparing my son to a dog now. Anyway, he does look handsome with his new cut not at all like a shaved terrier.
I forgot to take my camera with me so I have no adorable before and after shots but he was as good as gold during the whole cut, shockingly enough.

This guy is the nemisis of every flowering plant here. He is convinced that his mommy needs them...even though I keep telling him that they are better left on the plant. It is very sweet though. "ur fo pwetty mom" (your so pretty mom). His anunciation has not improved much but his vocabulary has definately expanded. He puts together quite complex sentences and can talk your ear off. The only problem is he's a Burlando kid and no one else understands them until they are about 5. I may have to interpret for a couple more years.
It is not working to his benefit that he is the size most 4 or 5 year olds here. He's in the 90th percentile for height in Canada...here he just looks like a kindergartener. People don't believe me when I tell them that he is two years old. I dont' know why its so hard to believe, he talks like a two year old, acts like a two year old and definately reasons like a two year old.
Being the tall kid (or being the mom of the tall kid) can be difficult because people expect him to act like a four year old..even if they know his age. The kids his age are still considered to be babies and live in the nursery. Parenting a preschooler in public can be tricky. I'm trying to not get caught up in what people may or may not think. ...because ultimately it doesn't matter.
He is well liked by the people here though, and because of his unusually white blonde hair he gets lots of attention.

Here is the daddy working on the set for the Christmas prodution "Noche en Belen" (Night in Bethlehem). We are playing town people extras, market vendors to be precise. No lines but cool costumes , perfect. :)

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