Icecream on a Sunday afternoon.

We finally found a zoo that would take this little monkey. Don't feel too sorry for him, he was fed plenty of icecream.

This is the other little boy we sponsor and are fortunate enough to get to hang out with here.
Alejandro is a talkative, full of energy and mischief ,six year old boy.
Fits in well with my brood. :)

Franco and Diego. Two of Silas' best "eedo's" (amigos). "Dat my eedo! EEEDOOO!"
He loves them and they seem to enjoy him tagging along. These two boys and Alvaro live in the same "Casa" (the family style orphanage housing).

A couple weekend ago we took a group of kids to a nearby park to play on the playground and to a little icecream booth. It was a little crazy keeping track of that many kids but they all had fun.

I opted for the cob of corn covered with hot sauce and lime (chile y limon).
I'm a total Mexican food junky. My husband calls me Mexican garbage mouth. I'm not sure why...maybe because I'll try anything.

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