Noche Buena

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas even festivities in Casa #4. Christmas Eve "Buena Noche" is the big event here. This is when they have their Christmas feast and open their gifts. They all dress in their best Christmas outfits and prepare for the event all day. We had the honor of being invited to join the kids in house 4 for the evening. The food was delicious. We felt so welcomed and included in the event.

A nina with her new baby. She was so cute! It came with a little bottle and she rocked and fed that baby like a little mama.

The house mother, her son and my hijos checking out Silas' new little soldiers. This house mom is the kindest most generous person I think I've ever met. She has some very serious and debilitating health problems of her own but she and her husband care for a house full of little ones. She never complains but always excudes peace and joy. Which is a complete phenominon to me with so many children to care for. She shows so much love toward each one of the children and has even found room in her heart to reach out and be an encouragment to me. I can always count on a big hug from her.

Our little Alejandro. We popped over to Casa 5 for a brief visit and to take our sponsor son his gift. He is new to the childrens home and I would strongly suspect this was his first Christmas surrounded by family, food and gifts. He was over the top excited. He reminds me so much of Roman , just bursting with enthusiasm and energy! He keeps his house parents on their toes I think. :) He is a sweetheart though and always has a huge smile for his Tia. Inside the bag is a Gold colored soccer ball and a Bionicle robot guy.

It was a late but very memorable evening.
On Christmas day we spent the afternoon in a third casa. House #1 invited us to share some more amazing food left from their Christmas Eve meal. It was SO good. We spent most of the afternoon visiting with them while the kids watched movies and played lego with the other kids there. I so enjoy being in the casa's and getting to know the kids and the "families" in each house. They have all been very welcoming to our family.
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