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Kelli said...

Hi. My name is Kelli and I live in Indiana. I came across your blog last week and I enjoy reading about the Baja. I have traveled down to Vicente every summer for the past 9 years, doing mission work. I am leading a mission group this July as well. When we come down we stay at Welcome Home (it used to be a small orphanage, now runs as a daycare.) I love the people and have made many amigos down in the Valley. I am good friends with Dr. Oscar Herrera in San Quintin. I also have friends in Canderlia (spelling?) We also have a guy we like to bless in the paper camp south of San Quintin. We are praying hard for the Valley, I worry for the people after seeing and hearing about all of the damage.
I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for having this blog, now I get to keep up with the area.
We are looking forward to our trip in July.
How long are you in the area for?