The bridge.

The flooding in the San Quintin valley in North Baja has caused some devastation to the farms in the area as well as to all the people who make their meager living working in those fields. They work day to day , hand to mouth. With work being delayed or cancelled they will not have money. There is no such thing as savings accounts or large pantries and deepfreezes full of food to see them through tough times. No work means no food.

Small businesses, shops and taco stands are struggling without supplies and with the roads bringing in customers being cut off.

On Sunday afternoon there were miles of trucks trapped with no way through. Bridges out both to the south and the north. The truckers were all just hanging out waiting. I even saw laundry hung over the window of a truck.

Check out the fancy new median in the center of the highway. Its brand new and not only keeps the highway through town safer but looks great. Curbs and medians are a rare sighting in this part of the world. Is that the right word, "median"?...I'm a hick farm girl.

Some friends and us checking out the water level under the bridge. It has gone down a lot. Work has even begun on building up a road accross the river bed. It will be months before an actual bridge is rebuilt I suspect. We heard by yesterday afternoon some vehicles were able to cross for s stiff tole of $50 (American) per vehicle. The construction of the road is being done by the few industrial machines scrounged in Vicente Guerrero and by private companies who need to recoup their costs....and get a road built. Things should be moving again soon.

You can see the big power line next to the river in the photo below. It came very close to being washed out. That power supplies the whole area and we would have been in big trouble had it ended up in the river. As it was, lots of little power lines, phone lines, and internet was down for a couple days.

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sjmccutcheon@yahoo.com said...

Hi, I was wondering if you knew any of the people that are stranded...they are from Minnesota I have a daughter and mother and other family and friends there. I have no way of communicating with them and was wondering if you could help me, I am worried about them!
Thank you, Jen McCutcheon
my email is sjmccutcheon@yahoo.com