In Vicente Guerrero

The bank ran out of cash in the ATM right along with the gas station running out of gas and the propane store (what else would you call it?) running out of propane. The grocery stores have pretty bare shelves right now but I did manage to find more toilet paper. A small but significant victory for the Burlando family.

On Saturday we set out to check on our kids, Minerva's family, up on the hill in a nearby community. Most of the water had drained down the hills but they left huge washouts in the roads. This washout is also full of tree branches and debri that were swept up in the flood.

We came to many uncrossable roads that were blocked by lakes of water or gigantic washouts. We have 4 wheel drive though and didn't have too much trouble making our way to their house.

The blue house missing the whole roof is their neighbor. This is one of the nicest houses in the neighborhood. We talked to the neighbor family for a while, who has recently had to relocate to live with some closeby relatives. It's a big loss and an expensive fix.

Here is another picture of the roads up the hill to Santa Fe.

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