Running on empty

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Why is it that when I insist on running on empty spiritually when I have everything I need to fill myself to overflowing? I have the word of God sitting next to me ready to minister to my soul and fill my mind with words of hope and promise. I have the ear and heart of the all loving God, waiting for me to turn to Him. I have the Spirit of God living and breathing life in and through me. Why then does my Bible sit on the table and my prayers go unsaid? My ears fail to really listen and my mind does not rest in His faithfulness?

I find so often that the spirit is willing but the flesh is so week. I'm tired, I'm sleep deprived, I'm lazy, ,I'm distracted, I'm busy....
but I'm running on empty.
Spiritually, physically, and consequently emotionally too.

I can hear the engine sputtering as the tank warns that it needs to be refilled.
I continue to push forward with the gage getting lower and lower. I pass by chance after chance to stop and refill. One more thing to do. One more mile to go. One more thing to worry about...one more burden to carry.

The load is getting heavier and my shoulders are getting wearier. Why do I insist on lugging it around when my Lord tells me this?

"Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light"
Matthew 11:28

A yoke is the big heavy harness that is attached to the necks of animals as they labour in the fields. As an ox pulls a plow it is yoked together with another.

Lord, thankyou for reminding me that I do not labour alone. You are my yoke mate. In fact, the yoke belongs to you. You walk beside me shouldering the burden and gently teaching me with each step. With you the yoke is made easy and the burden becomes light.
Rest. That sounds good.

Update on the flooding here in Baja:
The supply truck has finally been able to make it down to the river at Colonia Vicente Guerrero and the food and supplies are right now being shuttled through whats left of the river by a couple pick up trucks. A blessing when there are this many mouths to feed. Thank God for safe travel from Tijuana and we are trusting Him for safe crossing of the trucks as they face some extreme "off-roading" conditions.

More rain is forcasted but hopefully not 8 inches this time. I think its just calling for some light showers.

A group of staff took a van out to an impoverished nearby community. In the van they carried big pots of soup and blankets. Last weeks flooding has been hard on those living in poverty already. It is cold here right now and those looming dark clouds offer little reassurance for a comfortable night for the people sleeping in the dirt under a shelter of cardboard.

Right now there are semi trucks lined up sitting on the highway two lanes thick all the way south to San Quintin. I should know how far that is but I don't...I think its about 40 km. Its quite the site.

Update on my parents in Haiti:
I just got a very breif email from my mom. They arrived back in Haiti last week and today my Dad was venturing to Port au Prince with some Haitian friends. I am trying not to worry but rather pray and trust them to the Lord.

My sweet hearted sister -in -law sent me this attachment. Her pastor in Seattle recently returned from a brief tour of Port au Prince. I have to admit it doesn't put my mind at ease knowing my parents are there but it does give me a huge amount of respect for our Haitian brothers and sisters. If they spoke spanish I would hollar out a big ANIMO to them. Keep moving on, be encouraged, your brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world are praying for you!

Check out the stories from Haiti by Pastor Marks at Mars Hill church Seattle. Don't miss the last part. A photo slideshow with "It is well with my soul" playing.

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