Today we attended a wedding of a couple here on staff. It was nice to be able to share in their special day.
Here are my kids ready to walk down to the big church.
Silas used to hate getting his picture taken but now is in a goof ball phase. Its equally difficult to get a decent picture. I've decided to embrace his silliness and capture his personality. He's always been my clown baby.

Eloisa, Rosalinda and Victoria looking adorable as flowergirls! All the kids at the orphanage were invited and these little girls were even included in the ceremony.

Our girl. Queit , shy, kind Magai.

Here's another picture of my brood. The older two think they are looking pretty cool. Roman insisted on wearing his too big shades for the walk and Aili insisted she do her own hair. They are feeling pretty proud.
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A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Great Post!!! You have a pretty cute bunch of kids there!!! God Bless!