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This week we finally went out to visit our kids in Santa Fe. It has been a few weeks and I didn't realize how much I had missed them untill all four of them came running and just about knocked us off our feet with hugs. I've missed hearing "Tia!"
Minerva had a big surprise for us this time. As we were about to leave, Minerva bolted back to her house and then came running back out with her hands behind her back and a huge smile on her face.
"I have a gift for you Tia!"
My girl has been busy. She made 2 bracelets for each member of our family and also a purse for me. I LOVE it. I can't decide if its because its so cute of if its because I will always treasure the giver, and the joy in which is was given.
This week, I was blessed on three occasions by the generousity of others. Blessed, encouraged and humbled by the thoughtfulness of a dear friend, a sweet Mexican girl, and a big hearted sister in law.

Some of the teenage boys at the orphanage playing a rousing game of marbles.

Aili playing on the basketball court with some amigos.

Boy: noun. A noise with dirt on it.
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