Last weekend we packed up our bedding, food, clothes, towels, and even toilet paper and moved to the "Costa Brava beach house" for two nights. This little house on the beach was donated to the mission for staff to use as a little get away spot. What a treat to be able to use it for a weekend.
I was just thrilled to get out of the trailer!
A living room...with two big squishy couches!
Two bedrooms!!
A real table!!
A kitchen!...well my hopes for a real kitchen were a little deflated by an unusable propane oven and ever-present mouse poop.
I didn't realize the oven in the old propane stove didn't work untill AFTER I had prepared a batch of brownie batter, a meat loaf and a pan of roasted vegi's. I was feeling ambitious since I finally had space to cook.
Flexibility seems to currently be a theme of my life...so turned that meat loaf into balls.

The view was incredible! It was so refreshing to be on our own for a weekend to just relax and enjoy our family.
My hubby took this picture of me at about 7.30 in the am.
I'm in a state of bliss.
My coffee, my bible , and a big ocean. ahhh. Rest. Descansar.

The view from my balcony.
I could wake up to that for the rest of my life!

At low tide both mornings we ventured down to the beach.
The weather was so nice...sunny and no wind.
It was even warm enough to pull the swimsuits out from their hiding places.
Not warm enough for me though. It was only about 18 degrees celcius and the water was FREEZING.
The kids didn't seem to mind. I prefer to be the photographer anyhow.

This is Aili "surfing" in a very cautious manner.

That boy is always upsidedown. In the ocean is a first though.
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