Mucho Lodo!

The sun is back.
Everything is out drying. Our shoes, our clothes and our towels.
These towels were recruited as floor mats in our trailer to help contain the water and mud.

I'm still not sure how I will clean these. Lots of washboard scrubbing I suspect.

I little boys dream come true.

My two boys are VERY happy to be let out of the trailer and back outside to play.

As Yesterday the road behind the mission is still a lake of water. We drove (or rather spun our tires) into it a little ways but then my husband wisely decided to heed my shreaks of warning and backed out. That mud is slick underneath! My idea of a relaxing Sunday afternoon isn't wading with 4 kids through a lake of mud.

In fact I've had quite enough of mud. Thankfully its drying up quickly.
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