Getting wet

After a whole long morning (morning starts at 6 am and lunch is at 1pm) of being stuck in the trailer we ventured out to go find some lunch. I was willing to deal with sopping wet children in order to escape the confines of our home. 3 children and a mother cooped up in a trailer for 7 hours with no power (NO MOVIES!) was turning out to be less than fun. In an idealistic way a person can imagine everyone snuggled up reading some great novel together, hours of successful school work done, and jovial laughter over a game of uno. we are not ideal kind of people. Instead if you came to my house you would hear something like me yelling at Roman to get off his head and pick up his pencil or Silas laughing hysterically while doing his "bum bum dance" on the bed while I implore him less than kindly to put his pants back on.
"Aili stop watching your brother and open your phonics book!"
"Silas, please tell me when you are done on the toilet so I can help you wipe before you sit on my bed!"
"Roman please put down the broom before I beat you with it!"

Now you know why the storm outside became the better option.

We were all soaked completely through just wading our way to lunch so I let them stay out and play in the water for while. Once they got back in the trailer and into dry clothes that was it....no more wet.
We only have so many dry clothes and no where to hang wet ones.

The kids LOVED the giant puddles and the torrential downpour.

Wading my way to the shower/bathrooms.
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