Birthday Boy!

"Yay it my birtday!"
We had his birthday party in "Casa 4" this afternoon. They were kind enough to let us use their house and it worked out great because we had an instant housefull of amigos.

Me, Silas and Alvaro getting his candle ready.

He thoroughly enjoyed his party which is a good thing because he has been waiting and talking about it for months.
When he saw the gifts he asked "which one is mine?" .
He thought it was strange that he got to open all of them, but he got used to it in a hurry.
He played with his new action heroes for 3 hours straight after the party.
Which is also a gift for me. :)

Yes , his pinata was bigger than he is. They are cheap here! It was only $6.50. At home pinatas are ridiculously expensive. It may be a little goofy looking but its only going to get beat with a stick anyhow. The candy was cheap too. We had a blast with the house 4 kids and our kids from Santa Fe.

Silas wore his Spiderman costume this morning but wanted to change before the party. I wasn't sure why other than he is a very particular 3 year old boy.

Walking home from the party Silas said to me
"I not a pinata. I a boy. I don't want to wear my spiderman clothes. "
Good thinking. Better safe than sorry.

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