Cumpleanos Feliz

Some of our amigos enjoying pizza and oranges. I had the privaledge of witnessing ,for the first time, children putting dried chili on their orange wedges. I haven't tried that one yet but I will be putting in my 'must try' list.

Little Ramiro, Carmela and Louisa (Minerva and Alvaros siblings) didn't know what to make of the pizza and actually to my surprise only picked at it. They liked the oranges and chili though. :)
Little Lousia thoroughly enjoyed eating a bowl full of left over rice. Something familiar.

Kids watching Silas open his gifts.

Ramiro enjoying birthday cake. ....I suspect for the first time.

Our girl minerva and her hermanita (little sister). She is like a little mother to her 4 younger siblings...quite literally because her mother works 7 days a week in the fields.

At the end of the party we brought out a giant pinata, of course. The kids all came away with a bag of loot from the party.
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