Strange Pictures from Baja

Yesterday three pickup trucks were used to transport supplies accross what's left of the Colonia Vicente Guerrero river. Our supply truck that usually makes a trip down from San Clemente each week has been cut off due to the bridges being down all along the route. Now that the route was cleared further North they were able to make it to the north bank of our river. It was a bit of a scetchy drive for the pickup trucks through the river. The video reminds me of pioneers fording rivers with their covered wagons. Hold on!

They made it back with boxes of donated food and supplies though.

Coincidentally ,the temporary bridge opened last night at about 10pm. The miles and miles of parked semi trucks and stranded drivers all blasted their horns in celebration as the procession of trucks began to work their way across the makeshift bridge. I wish I had a picture of that but I was sounds asleep by then.




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Another strange site from Baja Mexico! That is a lemon from the orchard you are looking at. It is about the size of a tea pot and kind of looks like one too.

I'm feeling moderately more rested after an early bedtime last night. Lack of sleep has really caught up with me lately. My little boy insists on waking us all up at 5.30 or 6 am each morning. Since we all live within a few feet from each other , once one of is awake we are all awake. It seems we are all reaching burn out mode lately.

It's not the work here that I've grown weary of. In fact its the exact opposite. I find myself wishing I was working or doing one of the essential tasks or ministries here. I find myself fighting the residual feeling that so many mothers struggle with. The feeling of being profoundly useless on the grander scale. My days are filled with mind numbingly monotonous ,mundane, and often drudgerous tasks of motherhood.

Nagging my kids to do their school work and chores,
sweeping dirt off the trailer floor for the 12th time in a day,
wiping pee off the toilet seat,
washing clothes, hanging clothes,
searching for a missing 3 year old,
piles of dirty dishes,
brushing teeth,brushing hair, and clipping toenails.
screaming tantrums,
discplining the same child for the same offense for the 8th time in one morning.

That is what I am growing weary of.

"open your books and pick up your pencil!"
"get off your head and sit on your bum!"
"get your toe out of your brothers ear!"
"boys...learn to aim or sit down!!"
"stay out of the mud!"


I think our very cramped living conditions and unusual parenting environment is magnifying normal family challenges and stresses. For the most part we are very flexible ,go with the flo people and have all adjusted very well. The last couple weeks have compounded into a bit of a funk for us though. I know my attitude isn't what it should be and that is being reflected in how my children are behaving and reacting.

That is what I need spiritual strength for. Maintaining inner peace when chaos is constant. Setting the tone and the mood for the whole household. I feel like I need to hit the reset button and start over most days.

I guess its never too late to do that.

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Jobina said...

What in the world is Silas playing with?
BTW- I totally needed your post yesterday too, just felt really down and out and not running to God with my burdens. Thanks for the reminder :o)