Crazy Blessed

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and push pause on the music before you push play on the video. After the video start the music up again because you will want to hear Plumb's other mommy song. Another tear jerker for all you moms out there.

Mothers day coming up next week has me thinking about my own journey of motherhood over the last 9 years. I came across this song and it just so perfectly described motherhood that I had to put it with some pictures. I am posting it this weekend instead of next because I am sitting in a hotel right now with high speed. Ironically enough I am here taking parenting classes, foster parenting to be specific. At home with dial up it would be impossible for me to load this video ( I gave up after 6 hours of tying up my phone line).

I managed to figure out how to post my first video but its pretty choppy. I have no clue what happened to my nice smooth transitions but the effect is not quite the same with the choppy jerky picture movements. The kids are still adorable though. This month ,in honor of Mothers day and the month of the birth of my first child nine years ago, I feel like putting some more thought into this thing called parenting.

So as usual when something is on my mind I am bound to write some posts on the topic. :) I know I write a lot about my kids and family life but I want to narrow the focus a little and really sort through what it means to have the huge responsibility and privilege of raising kids. Its an amazing, fulfilling, challenging, exhausting experience....and I wouldn't trade it for all the candy in the world!


Rebecca M said...

Oooh I loved your video, Carla. So sweet. It is a big job, this parenting thing, isn't it?!

Jobina said...

Loved the video, choppy or not! It made me all teary.This motherhood thing is an awesome journey and I'm only just realizing how fast the time is going. Hang on to every moment!