Chubby bunny

It was a beautiful day here on Sunday (mothers day). One of our first warm sunny days of the season. I told the kids we could have a wiener roast for supper. We have a fire pit in our back yard so its pretty easy for us to have a camping experience without leaving home. Fortunately I had bought hot dogs the week before and was prepared for our feast. We have now broken our winter long hotdog fast. I am a food snob. Animal fat and questionable other products stuffed in a tube is not a part of our regular diet. I reserve them for "campfire food" in the summer time and even then I am picky about which brand and package I will buy. Bulk wieners are not an option, not only are they gross but I have to know what the ingredients are because of Silas' allergies. I go for the reduced fat, all meat, no filler ones....with whole wheat buns of course. I know its like polishing a terd to thing of making hot dogs healthy but I have to at least try to make them less horrible :) The kids and husband don't know the difference anyway ;)

Whats a wieny roast without marshmallows?
They are definately Silas' favorite part of the meal.

Don't do it Silas!
Silas drop the marshmallow!
No, it doesn't go in your shoe.
...yuck....don't eat it now!

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Rebecca M said...

haa haa ahaa!

"polishing a terd"