Outside fun

The weather here has been really cool and extremely windy so far this spring. The snow is gone but we are still in that ugly time between the white snow and the green summer. We are living in brown right now. The last precipitation we had was some snow in February and this spring has also been really cool. These two factors have kept things from growing and blooming.
I have some tulips poking up out of the ground now to give me some hope of new life but it will be a while still until they bloom. I can't wait to get out into the dirt and plant my garden. The soil still needs to be worked up and the days and nights are a bit too cold still so I'll wait another week or so.
The boys have been enjoying the great outdoors again now that winter is over. They still go between spring jackets and winter coats...sun hats and winter hats. My entry way is a mess of various seasons of outdoor clothing.
The kids and their friends have been enjoying building a fort and playing at "The tree" not that we have only one in our town but this is a big half dead good climbing tree surrounded by other trees in an empty lot. Perfect setting for all sorts of adventures.
Roman is wearing his helmet because he rode his bike there and forgot to take it off...not for many other reasons children might typically wear helmets while playing.

My boy with the girly hair. He really does need a hair cut....but its so pretty. I think the shaggy look is in right now anyway.

Silas tries so hard to be like his brother!

Roman is a 100% outside boy. I'm so glad he can burn off some energy outside instead of burning holes in my carpet running laps through the house. He's got a huge imagination. Nature is the perfect place for kids to explore and nurture that imagination. Who needs an expensive play structure when you've got a really cool tree?
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