Never a Dull Moment

My little artist. Spectacular use of colour and design....next time use the paper please. Thankfully I only stock washable markers.

My goons doing what they do best. Being silly.

Aili in her new base ball shirt. She has had 2 real games this season already. I like the flaming base ball logo :)

I still have no idea how Roman broke his helmet falling off his bike but I'm sure glad he had the helmet on. A good reminder that a big wipeout going down a hill is enough to crack a melon....or in this case the helmet protecting that melon. All he had out of it was a headache. I guess we'll be shopping for a new helmet this week. He told me he wants a full face guard too (cuz that would look so cool)...I'm thinking thats not a bad idea for this boy.
Just a glimpse of the many moments that keep life interesting!
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Valen and Carol said...

Amy got full face helmets for her boys after she saw what handlebars can do to a face. =(

Carla said...

good to know!

Lucy said...

Hi Carla

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

These pics are so cute. Really glad Roman had a helmet on...

Jennifer said...


Man are you ever a great blogger Carla! Hats off to you on your efforts!

I would also have to say that I admire your friendship and all of these great blogs you post each day about life and family. I think when you are grayer and wiser ;) you'll be known as everyone's Mom or Granny :D.

You are truely a gifted mom and hope all is well for you and your growing family no matter where you all end up this winter and throughout life's journey with God's abundant grace. CHEERS!