I'm feeling so speshle.

I realize this is my second post in one day but I just had to brag a little. The "mothers day tea" at the kids school was lovely. Complete with cheesy songs, poems and talent. We were served coffee and fruit. Silas enjoyed the plate of fruit so much that he shoved more in his mouth than he could effectively process. I was busy visiting and didn't notice that he had overstuffed until it was all being spit out on my plate. I covered it with a napkin and apologised to the people lucky enough to have chosen to sit with us.

Speaking of lucky. I was particularly lucky today. First of all I was gifted with these wonderful items from my children. I love the card from Aili.
"roses are red viltits are blue
shiger is sweet and so are you"
"Have a speshle day."

awww, I feel so speshle.

And a nice mug shot of Roman to hang on the wall. And it will no doubt be hung on my wall...somewhere...Roman will make sure of that.

And to add to the luck I won the most coveted door prize! (It was arranged much more beautifully complete with plastic wrapping and a bow....but we already got into it). One of the Grandmas of a couple of the students often donates her baking for raffles or door prizes. And I won it!! ME the one who never wins anything! I actually snuck out to take Silas to the bathroom when they started to draw names figuring that was more polite than leavng during the singing solos. On my way back to my table someone said "Hey, you won a basket of bunnies" at least that is what I thought I heard. I was a little concerned as I made my way back to the table. Fortunately they were saying buns and not bunnies. yummy. Unfortunately I have to hide them from my allergy baby ...but the rest of us will have no problem eating our basket full of baking. Stop in for coffee and you can have one too :)
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Jobina said...

oh man those look good! That and a cup of coffee...ahhhh! Glad you feel so speshle, now if only someone would get you some viltits!

Sara said...

Hey Carla, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog.
Oh, those 'bunnies' do look yummy - think I'll have to make some now.
Lovely blog by the way...oh yes, and adorable little people too!
Hope you're not experiencing the snowflakes we woke up to this morning here in the prairies.

Rebecca M said...

I'm coming! It may take me a while to get there (like a few years) but I'd love some coffee and bunnies. It would be very speshle.