Bringing home baby

Just wanted to post a quick update. I'm heading to the city this morning to pick up a newborn that needs to be discharged from the hospital. We will be a temporary home for him , probably for the summer. I have never foster parented a newborn before...never mind a drug affected one so this will be a challenging experience I expect. I am a sucker for a teeny tiny baby...but I also know too well how little sleep I will be getting in the next little while. I really like my sleep.
As far as exhaustion level goes at least I am not coming off a tiring pregnancy, recovering from three days of labour, and excessively hormonal. It will be a new experience to have a newborn that did not just recently come out of me. It is also strange to only have a few hours to prepare myself instead of nine months! Please pray for me and our new little baby "R". We will need it in the days to come.
I feel like I might coming down with a cold or something...just that tired icky feeling...which would be rotten timing. Please pray that I would be able to stay healthy while I am waking up to feed a baby every 2 hours and administering meds every 4. Please pray that my own kidlets will adjust easily too (so far they are thrilled) Thankyou!!


Jobina said...

THAT is exactly what I would want if I were a foster parent...babies! I'll be praying for you and yours and baby "R".

carrie church said...

Praying for all of you as you adjust to this newest blessing in your lives. You have an amazing heart that will forever change these little lives.

God's Girl said...

Oh... bless your heart!

Lord, I pray that You would heal her and strengthen her as she takes on this precious baby. Would You show Yourself strong in this family this week?


Rebecca M said...

Congratulations on this new, if temporary, addition! I'm so happy for this little one to be entering into your home, where there is such a capacity for love. I'm encouraged by how you guys are answering God's command to care for orphans in your own home with such tangible obedience! I'll pray that you won't even miss that sleep you'll be losing. :)