I just had to write and update after yesterday's post. We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend...it was actually 26 celcius yesterday. Very warm and sunny....it felt like summer. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Aili's ball game and then went to a local lake (5 minutes away) to have a campfire and take the Hobie Cat ( our little catamaran) out on its first sail of the season. It was wonderfully summerish.

I joked at the end of my last post (about our great weather) that for all I know it could snow tomorrow (without every hearing or looking up a weather forcast...I prefer to be surprised by our ridiculous weather.)

I woke up this morning to snow. Not a lot of it but it is coming down out of a grey cold sky and is being blown around by a nasty cold wind. yuck. yuck again. I think I tempted fate by even suggesting the "s" word yesterday. Oh, the irony. To top in off today is a holiday from school. We are having and inside day today. So far Silas and I baked bread and Aili baked her first solo batch of ginger snap cookies. Chores, baking and a movie or two thrown in should keep us busy indoors. It nice that the big kids are now getting old enough to actually be useful when they are home. Good thing I've got lots of laundry that needs to be folded ;)

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