I'm a soccer mom!

Roman has been wanting to play soccer for a long time but sometimes in rural areas a league or a team to play with is hard to find. This spring however he will be playing with a group of about 30 kids at a park in the next town. Perfect. Thy have 4 coaches to practice drills with and will break up into groups and play real games. The best part is the registration cost for the whole season is $15 (for twice a week practices until the end of the school year).
I'm finally a soccer mom! Bring on the mini-van, bumperstickers and blowhorn! In honor of my new little soccer player I made a trip to walmart and got him dudded up with shin pads, cleats, soccer socks (that are way too big and go up to his shorts), shiny soccer shorts, a shirt and a ball. Sounds expensive but Walmart is good for outfitting kids for cheap. His shorts only cost $5 and his shin pads were $4.50! He was SO excited that he slept in his soccer outfit (after a family game of soccer that evening.) and wore it to school the next day. Sometimes you just gotta let them revel in their own excitement. Tonight is his first practice!

Silas was not about to be outdone by his big brother. He stripped off his clothes and insisted he needed soccer clothes too. Fortunately I had pulled his summer clothes out of storage already and found a sleeveless shirt and shorts to match his brother. It did the trick. Here he is winding up for a kick. He actually got the purpose of the game and would run his ball up to kick it in the goals and pass to other players.

Roman trying to be gentle with his little brother but at the same time trying not to let him get a goal. Its a tricky balance that he does amazingly well. Did you notice our fancy goal post?

Fortunately with Daddy he can be as rough as he wants to be. Mom was pretty good too. She can hold her own against 3 five year olds (the neighbors joined us).

Roman quote of the day...totally unrelated to soccer.
"Mom, if you ever see food for sale at an antique store....don't buy it."
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