Too cute!

Look at the feet on this kid! Well the camera angle doesn't really help but he does have good sized feet, much bigger than his brothers were at this age. I think Silas will be the "big guy" in the family. He's always been skinny and gangly...even in the chubby baby stage but he is the tallest at this age and his bone structure is broad. He's got shoulders almost as wide as his 5 year old brothers already. And if its like looking at a puppies feet to see how big they will get ...he's going to be huge. At least if he grows into them :) Its that Viking/ Scottish mix in him I think....just 20 years and a big red beard. Makes me laugh. Ever since the last Olympics I joke that he's got Phelps proportions. Tall, short legs, long waist, broad shoulders, huge feet. Maybe I should get him into swimming :)

He just got out of the shower so his eyes are a little red looking. Must have got some soap in them. We are getting cleaned up to go to a "mothers day tea" at Aili and Romans school this afternoon. We are going right in the middle of nap time so I'm hoping my tired 2 year old will not steal the show. He is so much fun lately...just a little clown all the time. We have our "2 year old days" that usually correspond with missed naps or late bedtimes but most of our days together are so enjoyable...in a cleaning pee off the floor kind of way. He's been so extremely affectionate lately...probably because I've left him more than usual in the last few months. He's full of big long hugs, kisses and love at this age. There are some great things about this third year of life. He still adores his mommy for one thing :) Another thing I love is that he is absolutely fascinated and thrilled by everyday things that us big people don't even see any more. Its amazing to see the world through his eyes.

Showing off for the camera.

Stopping his somersaults to itch a little. Spring has made him a little more rashy lately.
Well I'd better go and get ready for the "tea"....wouldn't want to show up at the school in a bathrobe and no make up.
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Jobina said...

He is just too cute! He's such a great mix of both of you, I can't wait to see what they all are like when they grow up!